Visitors from Ghana

Several classes were treated with Sisters visiting from Ghana.  Sister Matilda Sorkpor and Sister Angela Mamle​ are touring to learn more about Hays and its Catholic Community.
Mr. Marintzer’s Senior Religion Class is covering “Social Injustices,” which both sisters were willing to give examples on from their country.  They informed the class that women are scorned and often are not counted in important decisions.  The average middle class family would survive on $50.00 a month in Ghana.  Public schools are completely free and paid for by their government but perilous for students, which is why their Catholic schools are so massive.  Often having enrollments of 1000 or higher.  Classrooms have 80-100 students compared to our 20.
Ghana is a country on the West Coast of Africa shares boundaries with Togo to the east, la Cote d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and the Gulf of Guinea, to the south.  Ghana is about the size of Oregon with 25 million people.  In comparison, Kansas has 3 million people.  Sister Sorkpor could not get over all the space we have here.  In fact, she stated, “So much beautiful space. You have a wonderful country!”