Student Council Blood Drive Tuesday, April 16

Student Council Blood Drive Tuesday, April 16

2020年欧冠联赛赛程9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Al Billinger Fieldhouse

Walk-Ins Welcome, or Call TMP-M front office for appointments (785) 625-6577 or email Stuco Sponsor Kathy Taylor

Alyx Machine (give twice the amount of red blood cells) available by appointment only

What is Alyx?

Of the blood components that are transfused most (red blood cells, platelets, and plasma), red blood cells are in the greatest demand. The Alyx Component Collection System uses automated technology to safely collect double the amount of red blood cells versus a regular whole blood donation.

Why should I donate on Alyx instead of giving whole blood? Double your impact: One Alyx donation collects twice as many red cells.

More blood: Provides more of the most critically needed blood types required for patients.

Reduce reminder calls: Alyx donors can donate every four months.

Double the credit: An Alyx donation counts as two credits for “Go for the Gold.”

Feel better: Alyx uses a smaller needle, and fluid is replaced back into the body, reducing the chance of not feeling well after donating.